, June 1

Complete Music Update, June 1
Sony/ATV allies with Lyric Financial on royalty advances

The Industry Observer, June 1

Sony/ATV adds ‘virtual ATM’ to royalty portal



PR Newswire, May 31

Sony/ATV Music Publishing Taps Lyric Financial’s Innovative Virtual ATM Platform to Empower Songwriters



Billboard, May 31

Sony/ATV, Lyric Financial Partner For ‘Virtual ATM’ to Allow Songwriters Access to Royalty Advances



Hypebot, May 31

Sony/ATV Partners With Lyric Financial Fast Royalty Advances To Songwriters, Publishers



HITS, May 31

Lyric Cashes In On Copyright ATM With Sony/ATV



Billboard, April 26

Digital Roundup: Merlin Drops Admin Fee, Hires Helen Alexander; Chris Harrison Named DiMA CEO; Jerry Gold Joins LiveXLive



Complete Music Update, April 24

CMU Digest 24.04.17: Spotify, Prince, UK Music, BMG, Tunecore, Cash Money



Rapzilla, April 24

TuneCore Now Offers Artists Online Cash Advances



FinTech Rising, April 23

FinTech Markets



PYMNTS, April 19

TuneCore + Lyric Financial Partner On Royalty Advance Solution For Musicians



American Banker, April 18

Here’s One Fintech That’s Still Going Head-To-Head Against Banks



Complete Music Update, April 18

TuneCore to offer advances to US artists



The Industry Observer, April 18

TuneCore is now offering cash advances



A&R Worldwide, April 17

Global News Updates



MediaNet, April 17

Digest: Fans More Willing To Pay For Music, Amazon’s Music Plans, Slacker Lays Off Staff



Music 3.0, April 17

TuneCore Direct Advance Offers Artists Automated Advances



Digital Music News, April 14

Tunecore Is Offering Upfront Cash to Artists (Here’s How to Get It)



RAIN News, April 14

TuneCore now offering artists advances



PR Newswire, April 13

TuneCore Partners With Lyric Financial To Launch New Service That Empowers Independent Artists



All Access Music Group, April 13

Tunecore Partners With Lyric Financial To Launch New Service That Empowers Independent Artists



Hypebot, April 13

TuneCore Now Offers Musicians and Indie Labels Fast, Low Cost Royalty Advances